Tuesday, August 26, 2008


FOR journalists to be knowledgeable or have access to today’s worlds’ activities going on in the world internet is the only easiest way to use.

I was exited to be among the participants in this workshop because I knew that through this I would be able to gain more knowledge on how to use internet in order to simplify my duties as journalist as internet or computer literacy keeps changing everyday that is why we as journalists needs to learn more often so that we can coop with the technological techniques.

On the first day of this workshop we learnt on what internet is, how the internet has changed the societies and communication in different parts of the world and also how to open or enter different international websites like www.ecommerce.com , www.wikipedia,org www.youtube.com , www.amazon.com and so many others.

However, we also came across with other topics like e- mail communication skills whereby we have been taught on how journalists can benefit from using e mail by having connection with different people far away.

Example when a journalist needs to attend a training workshop in a certain country he/she can book a ticket through internet.

However I have also learnt that not only journalists benefit a lot from internet service but also even other people like businessmen or even ordinary people.

Example when a businessman wants to advertise his/her goods he can do it through internet or when someone wants to buy something in foreign countries can also fulfil her/his needs through internet.

I think internet is ‘a really friend in need’ everyone in this world as it helps to solve so many problems as it acts as a bridge or linkage to all parts of this very big world.

And for a developing country like Tanzania there is a need establishing special strategies which will help to enforce the computer lessons to be taught in schools so that all people in the country can have access to the knowledge for the sake of our nations’ economic and social development.

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